I Keep Asking God

I keep asking God, where are you? I keep asking God, why? I keep asking God, are you just the white man's God? I keep asking God, am I next? I keep asking God, please, not my baby, not my dad, cousins, uncles, and husband. I keep asking God, please save us. I keep asking… Continue reading I Keep Asking God

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Room Full Of Beauty

Thursday March 3, 2011 at 5:45 am my water broke. Being a first time mom I didn't know what was going on. And the fact that I didn't have any pain associated with my labor further confused me when I went to the bathroom and water gushed out. I thought it was nothing. I went… Continue reading Room Full Of Beauty


Jesus Reconciled Us

I am forever in search of God, in search of his face, his love, his grace and his mercy. The bible says, God gives me all these things freely, but however, when you don't know how to receive or accept it, you remain in search of it. Ever since I was little I always thought… Continue reading Jesus Reconciled Us


Being Strong In Broken Places

Being Strong in Broken Places Sometimes I get tired of being strong. I get to the point where I break mentally and emotionally but outside I remain “strong” because as a Christian you are told to be “strong, hold on, God will come through.”  But I had days where I couldn't look at my son without… Continue reading Being Strong In Broken Places


Wombs Birth Generations, Not Just Mere Children.

Women, your womb doesn't just produce life, it produces future generations. Raise your kids with understanding that it’s not about them. They have purpose and no one will ever be able to rob them of anything long as they are raised with the knowledge they can do anything and make a difference in this world.… Continue reading Wombs Birth Generations, Not Just Mere Children.