I Keep Asking God

I keep asking God, where are you? I keep asking God, why? I keep asking God, are you just the white man's God? I keep asking God, am I next? I keep asking God, please, not my baby, not my dad, cousins, uncles, and husband. I keep asking God, please save us. I keep asking… Continue reading I Keep Asking God

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We’ve Been Studied and Left Bloodied

  When we were enslaved they studied us. Tested us, looked at our genes, culture, and power, And then they stripped us of our ancestry and self-love; When we got our freedom,  again, they studied us at how we managed it, So they encased us and separated them from us With lynchings and segregation White… Continue reading We’ve Been Studied and Left Bloodied

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Father, My Father ( The Cry Of the Broken)

Oh father, my father, how I have lost my way. My father, my father, how I’ve broken the wings of my own soul. My heart bruised beyond recognition, My mind disturbed, filled with confliction from my afflictions. Wounds that never healed, mask me. They rack my body with heaving sobs, Begging for a salve, Pleading… Continue reading Father, My Father ( The Cry Of the Broken)