New Vision

Do you miss your identity when society robs you of true reality?
Misconception of heaven and hell; you as you consider living as hell on earth,
When in reality you make your own heaven or hell on earth,
Do you miss your spirituality when society robs you of your purity?
Misconception of faith and fear
Tear jerkers that you submit yourself to,
Ideologies And fake apologies and tragedies,
Have we all lost our identity to the media and scrutiny, When you see perversions instead of visions;
Does it make you weep?
When you lose creativity and deprive yourself of truth;
Does it make you want to seep into the abyss because of all you miss?
When you let television tell you a vision of confusion and delusion;
Will you open your mouth and speak against the oppression of your mind?
And find the guiding light, not the soap opera, but the soul opera of eternal light.
Pumped through the media, degradation, aggravation, separation of not only God and state
But the separation of God and faith,
No longer looking for miracles and submitting to the “normal” thinking
Since when has God ever been normal? Do you reject his formal invitation?
To seek depression instead?
I invite you to turn off the tell –a- vision and turn on the 66 books of revelation and truth vision. Do you miss your childhood dreams that have been snuffed out?
The adversary wishes to sift you as wheat
But I invite you to laugh like God, because the enemy has already been defeated,
But first you must turn the channel to a new vision,
Receive the glory and crowned jewels meant to be adorned on your head,
And reject the lie that you are dead without hope,
Dead without dreams, will you get a new vision of just who you are in His image?
It’s not just a passage,
Its part of the total package. Receive and sign the dotted line and breath a new season, forget all past reasons.
And begin a brand new vision

Dreaming Up the Walls

Coming up out of the ghetto that wants to swallow him whole,
Hard concrete at the bottom of his feet
Make the beats of his heart bump steady with fear,
Held so dear, days to come unclear,
Project lights flicker
As die young soldiers liquor poured for,
Living door to door the life of the poor,
And the one on the corner trying to sleep in the freezing rain;
His bones filled with hunger and pain,
And distained and mundane, motionless dreams
As tears form streams,
As he dreams up the wall of his once;
Five bedroom, three baths, pool house
Sitting atop Beverly Hills.
But he awakes to the sound of nickels and pennies dropping in his cup near his head,
Rested on a cardboard box as his bed.
Unkind life but he made the choices of the path which he now leads,
Crack, alcohol, wasted checks that were to pay for his baby girl’s milk,
So drugged up can’t remember the feel of silk
From his baby girl’s face.
Now kicked out by his high school sweet heart
She had to get rid of the fool that almost dragged her down too.
Droopy eyes fall as he reminisces of the past,
Warm home, love pure as the white dove’s wings that fly;
Let weeping willows and shadows cry, black as night,
As he dreams up the walls of comfort,
My young black men whom in their mother’s eyes are just lost gentlemen, who got lost
In the shuffle and the search of the American dream and lusted for the cream,
Deceived by the American dream full of falsified ambitions,
For these young soldiers of the ghetto trying to arise out of holes and cracked streets lights,
Tripping over prostitutes and gang bangers
So he like many more continue to search, looking for solid ground
His baby girl won’t see daddy tonight
He’s too busy dreaming up the walls.


Some days I can move about without tears or pain.
Some days the pain of falling in and out in and out of love,
Some things, some memories, some people, some love you can only hope,
Are too overwhelming,
somehow, some way, some day to forget.
Love tears that flow,
Heart felt prayers that grow,
Some things, some memories, some people, some love you can only hope,
With each passing day full of sorrow;
Somehow the pain just intensifies
Some way my brokenness I’ll testify,
Then maybe somewhere down the road
My broken heart will be justified.
Then someone will learn to love like I’ve loved,
But learn not to cry like I’ve cried.
Someday I’ll understand, why
Some love like ours, sometimes falls apart,
some how, some way, some day to forget.
Some lies told to get love;
Some told to run from love;
Some truth set love free
Some truth told to hold love captive;
Then the hurt comes and sits on your heart,
Then love once again comes to your rescue by way of another,
To restore, even though love is the cause of some pain,
Still it can come to repair, what someone or some people have broken.
Some things, some memories, some people, some love you can only hope to
somehow, some way, some day to forget.

In Love with Grace

Plans I made, dreams I held onto,
You had to separate me from myself.
To manifest your goodness
Though I didn’t understand,
And I stayed away.
Still you waited for me.
Grace, grace, you gave when I didn’t deserve love,
Mercy found in your gave when I didn’t deserve forgiveness.
Kindness, boundless love you have,
I’ve fallen in love with grace
I’ve fallen in love again.
I turned on you
Even though you were the only one cheering for me,
And when I broke down and at the end of my rope
Your hands lifted and gave hope, you heard my plea and heard my cries.
Oh Grace how wonderful your loves embrace,
Sets free the captives, brings joy,
And refuels my desire for things kingdom minded.
You had to break me to bless me,
To line my words with yours,
Line my heart with yours,
And never did you for sake or forbade me to come to your throne.
In process of change,
Grace , grace , you gave even when I didn’t deserve love.
Mercy you gave even when I didn’t deserves forgiveness
Kindness, boundless love you gave
Grace, in love with grace
Grace, grace given to me
Oh how I’ve fallen in love with Grace

We Come From Home

Chained and stolen from a mother’s womb not just for color
But for the strength they possess
As mother cried
Her children died
Leaving fields empty,
Toys alone, food un-eaten, empty kitchens,
As boats sailed with their bodies,
Souls remained,
As mother heard her children cry,
And her heart torn and turned to stone.
Taken to work for they are deemed unlucky,
As if God skipped this race when he set the blessing on Abraham and his seeds,
Or he skipped this race when he handed down grace,
As the ripping tides rage
The father sea saw it fit to fight for his young,
He knew of the wrongs done and the ones yet to come.
We came from,
To a strange land where our faces are not welcomed in these new places,
So why won’t they send us home,
Our souls will retrace the path back to mother’s arms
For the blessing will rain
The faith they uphold will be bold,
For their belief in life will bring them home.
Those who the ripping tides took back home
Won’t answer with grimness and sadness, when asked where did you come from?
With tears, pain, yet with pride they’ll answer
We come from home.


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