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This Flag

So let me break it down for you again… While you’re mad about a flag, Bombs still dropping over Baghdad. While you’re worrying about a flag, Another family is around the table without dad, While you’re tripping about a flag, Syrian children don't even have a sleeping bag, While you’re red-faced about a flag, Another… Continue reading This Flag

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We’ve Been Studied and Left Bloodied

  When we were enslaved they studied us. Tested us, looked at our genes, culture, and power, And then they stripped us of our ancestry and self-love; When we got our freedom,  again, they studied us at how we managed it, So they encased us and separated them from us With lynchings and segregation White… Continue reading We’ve Been Studied and Left Bloodied

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Why Do I Even Bother with This Blog?

Writing has to be authentic to me. The topics I write about are usually the ones that burden my heart, that troubles my soul, or brings me unexpected joy. They always comes from a place of authenticity. Lately, I've sat at my computer to write my blog post (2 months behind going on 3) and… Continue reading Why Do I Even Bother with This Blog?

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Father, My Father ( The Cry Of the Broken)

Oh father, my father, how I have lost my way. My father, my father, how I’ve broken the wings of my own soul. My heart bruised beyond recognition, My mind disturbed, filled with confliction from my afflictions. Wounds that never healed, mask me. They rack my body with heaving sobs, Begging for a salve, Pleading… Continue reading Father, My Father ( The Cry Of the Broken)

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Closet Christians

Christians give Christ a bad rep. We represent him in the worst ways possible; from our judgmental views, our righteous indignations, and our ever hypocritical actions. Gandhi was very much correct in his assessment when he said, “I like your Christ. I do not like your Christians. They are so unlike your Christ.” Gandhi.  Christ was… Continue reading Closet Christians