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I Wrote My First Children’s Book

The Sky is Falling is my labor of love for the past tow years.  It took a lot of tears and a very huge leap of faith but I did.

What God has for me is mine and I receive it well. Grab your copy for your little one(s) on Amazon. Yes, Ebook available as well.

Follow the blue brick road to a child’s first snow storm, written from my son’s point of view of his first snow storm.  As adults, we forgot the joy a snow day use to bring us. My son’s experience reminded me to find joy in all things.

Grab a copy. Hope you enjoy it Share and like it pretty please head over to Amazon and grab your copy or Ebook. When you buy the book tag me on  IG  so I can add you the my page and blog to say thank you for your support !

follow me on IG: @phara_jo   & @pennedbyfafa  (my new company)

Buy your Ebook here


Buy the soft cover here!

CreateSpace eStore:

As always I love you for reading and thank you for sharing






And Look people are actually buying it!!!




My lovely co-workers got their copies and brought it to work for me to sign. I totally cried.



These were posted  to my IG account …How SWEET is this!!!!





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