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We’ve Been Studied and Left Bloodied



When we were enslaved they studied us.

Tested us, looked at our genes, culture, and power,

And then they stripped us of our ancestry and self-love;

When we got our freedom,  again, they studied us at how we managed it,

So they encased us and separated them from us
With lynchings and segregation
White only signs and black only signs designated us
like cells in test tubes to further study us,
When Martin, Malcolm, Rosa, Harriet, Fannie Lou, Stokely Carmichael,
and much more rose against them to win battles
They bloodied them and studied the rest behind prison cells,
The opposition has studied us, effectively dividing us,
We must now engage in a new game plan.
Our predecessors were first, gained leverage because it wasn’t
yet known what the ability of a unified  people can do;
But we, us, our own, right NOW, TODAY  must understand;
the division and derision amongst ourselves is the biggest lesson they learned,
Flash a car, new Jordan, new mansions, give them drugs,
invade their minds with so much derision for each other, and lust for material things that they will never be a Martin, Malcolm, Ross, Harriet,
Fannie Lou or the alike, again.
The problem is;
us vs them, them vs us,
and us vs us.
They unite against us, no, not all
But the ones who turn blind eye might as well side over there.
The lashes of history have not been healed because as we are told to forget and let it go; at every turn, the wheels of inequality and injustice continues to roll against us
Enslavement by mass incarceration is the new plantation
Brutality live on camera front center for all to see, the streets the graveyard
For our bloodied bodies
And yet, we are deemed animals, savages, criminals.
They only time they want to hear from us, is when we are entertaining them;
When they come to see our art so they can conduct appropriation;
And call us racist when we dare cry foul for the use of our hearts’ passion for mere mockery.
We must get a new game plan, research history, and make changes on how we act.
Every cultural group in America has its own set of rule to govern them within the boundaries of their communities except us.
This free for all to claim on our heads must STOP.
But, it must start with, US.
Spend more time at home with the kids and family
And less money into the prison mills,
Spend more time in books
And less on movie ticket sales that only flash white flesh
Fund more movies that don’t portray us as slaves, drug dealers, and whores.
Less of the same
And More of our truth in history
Teach your kids about  
Hiram Revels first African American congressmen
Branch Rickey
The Greensboro Four
And much more
Beyond the month of February; which each year meets more opposition
And watered down teachings,
We are still Kings and Queens,
Even though media wants to crush our dreams,
Narration of us has to be told by us
Because they have studied us for so long it’s getting
easier for us to be bloodied
Forgotten in the streets.
Peaceful protest, no don’t protest,
Can I touch your pretty hair, but when I say no
You want me to change my pretty hair because it now offends you that I dare to love myself; and since it can’t be used for your entertainment.
We were not  put on this earth to entertain simpletons,
We are Kings and Queens
And our blood will stop running on pavements.
We are studying you now while we learn ourselves now
And not what was spoon fed.
We’ve been studied and bloodied for too long
Day of reckoning is not far And you will give an account
For all this black bloodshed.
By Phara Joseph
I love you for reading and thank you for sharing.

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