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Father, My Father ( The Cry Of the Broken)

Oh father, my father, how I have lost my way.

My father, my father, how I’ve broken the wings of my own soul.

My heart bruised beyond recognition,

My mind disturbed, filled with confliction from my afflictions.

Wounds that never healed, mask me.

They rack my body with heaving sobs,

Begging for a salve,

Pleading for redemption,

I sing repetitive song, in hopes of excavation

Of the former me,

This latter me; is tattered, battered with frayed edges

Standing on a ledge


Turn your eyes away from my

Iniquities and remember them no more,

They have turned me against you, they have burned me,

They have broken me


Forgive me, my heart’s desire is to be clean

Purposed for the Master again.

This fire is not a purifying one,

But one that is destruction of my eternal life.

The gates of hell, have opened to me


Abandon me not to my own demise

The dimness of my light is my own doing

This I confess,

I sought my own way and it destroyed me

Bitter and anger, deep brokenness only YOU can repair

My dreams lay bare to me, without form

The cry of the broken is always

Forsake me not, FATHER, MY FATHER



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