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Stepping Into My Story


When I started this blog last year (Ha-ha, Happy New Year), it was with intent to write more and dream out loud. As we all know our best intentions are sometime thwarted by life.  For many the end of a year means saying goodbye to all the bad without hardly acknowledging the good. In a way I too was happy to see the end of another year, but mostly because I was alive and so was my family. However, 2015 was a year in learning. I won’t call this my reflection of 2015 but my stepping out into 2016.  Often times the dreams that come true are dreams we never knew we had until we start living them. I started listening to a podcast, The Great Girlfriends hosted  Sybil Clark Amuti and Brandice Daniel. They opened my mind and to be honest made me uncomfortable at times. Not in a bad way but because their truths and honesty was forcing me to be honest with myself. I also read some books by Lysa  Terkeurst that also opended my mind and heart to God and not being so scared to say yes to God.

With each podcast my reasons of why I can’t, and what if’s began to crumble. And then the podcast  titled “New Year, New Story” (episode 24); struck a cord so loud I thought the world heard my audible gasp. That’s when realization that my story was the same as previous years, but it wasn’t ending the same for the first time dawned on me. I started writing the novel that I’ve been saying for years I wanted to write, I started believing in myself and my dreams. The biggest win was I started being my own cheerleader. I didn’t realize I was moving in the right direction all year long until that moment. I began thinking of ideas and actually working on them. In the past I would say I wish I could do something and then throw a penny in a pond and don’t anything beyond that.  How many of you do that? How many times have you thrown a penny in the pond wishing your life away? Well I think it’s time to stop. It’s one thing to make a wish and dream but it’s totally different to move on it.

  1. Focus on the dream and make them realistic. I want the story of my life to be amazing and I’m sure you to do. However; making realistic goals brings us closer to our dreams. Successfully people dream , they don’t just dream they make plans of action. What may seem crazy to you is completely realistic to them. So when I say be realistic I mean be realistic and honest to your heart’s passion. Be real about where you are and where you want to go then write it out on paper so you can see it.
  2. Write it down, tell a few people you can count on to be supportive. To quickest way to kill a dream is to tell the wrong person. I called them the bulldozers of your life. Soon as you lay a plan here come that bulldozer, friend or family member. I’ve learned to keep certain things closet to the vest when sharing. Sharing is not always caring to others. Make sure you have real cheerleaders in your corner and not just bystanders and seat fillers.
  3. Leave that old dusty book of your life on the shelf (matter fact burn it). Stop flipping through the chapters What if, I wish I did , If only I didn’t and my personal favorite It wasn’t meant to be. These are the chapters I read over and over for so long in my life story. And then I stopped. Get a new perspective, get new friends, talk to new people, listen to new music. The only way you leave the old is when you make the conscience effort to move on to the new stage of your life.
  4. ACTUALLY WORK ON YOUR GOALS AND DREAMS! I think this is the hardest part for most of us. We can sing the someday and when I get my millions all day, but for whatever the reason we DON’T act on it. The bible even says “Faith without works is DEAD.” I use to say I’m waiting on God. In 2015 God showed me he has been waiting on me to just say yes. Your bank account means nothing to God. All he wants is a willing heart that will move when he says to move (I’ll touch on that a little later).
  5. SAY YES TO GOD. The end of 2015 was about me saying big fat YES to God. I stopped shying away and convincing myself that I was no use to God. I can hear the resounding gasp and hearts pounding at this statement. Everyone thinks they are just so bad and God wants nothing to do with them at some point in their life. The Bible is filled with prime examples of people God used who we in our society would never think should be used. But that’s just it, God does not operate by who we think should get the promotion, the house, the new car, and so on. God is no respecter of persons. He can use anybody, and I mean anybody if you will only say yes!

So my new story started forming at the end of 2015. I was given the opportunity to begin a radio show on a local station. My mother approached me one day and told me the owner of the radio’s wife talked to her about how they needed a kids Christian program. The person they had before did not work out but they really want to have someone who can do it. My mother immediately told them about me. I didn’t hesitate I simply said yes. They never met me, it wasn’t an interview. I showed up got a quick 1 hour prep-lesson on the boards with the first host. Then he left and I was on my own.  I don’t have a degree in journalism, broadcasting or what ever other degree people get to host radio.  I simply said yes. Soon the calls came in, the kids were interacting with me and the parents called to say thank you for giving them something their kids could listen to.

When the idea of doing a t-shirt line pressed on my heart, again I simply said yes. That same day I started jotting down what I wanted to print on my t-shirts and started asking others and researching how to do it. The name of the line came to me and I kept moving. My children’s book  narrative is now completed, and my first novel is 3/4 of the way done, all of which I plan to self publish and sell on Amazon and eBooks. I watched others who did and have done it and took notice. The difference between them and me all those years ago is I kept throwing pennies in the pond and not moveing.

Now back to the light bulb that turned on. When Sybil and Brandice talked about New Year, New Story they stuck a cord because it made sense.  To write the story of your life while you are a live and not wait for someone else or your family to do it for you after you die. As the ladies talked about their growth, steeping out on faith, doing and experiencing new things I felt the tug in my heart. I realized that I too had grown and pushed past my past and started walking the paths that lead to my dream. So when I leave this earth I want my story to read :

” Phara Joseph a Haitian born woman who in her early thirties said yes to God and the things God was pressing on her heart to do. She stepped away from fear and walked into her For God T-shirt Line, became a world renowned best selling author, topped New York Times best selling list multiple times, well known blogger mom, helped expand Christian radio to include programs for kids. Also helped her son(Children should God bless me with more) meet his (their) dreams and beyond. Opened many after school programs for the youths across America. Took her love for kids and strengthening women back to her native home where she built homes and schools and gave jobs to many in her native homeland. Her love of music allowed her make some amazing connections to release the album of her life through songs. She went on to build her own  publishing company  which now holds numerous awards along with expanding her For God clothing brand. Phara and her husband later retired and handed her businesses down to their son (kids) who has taken what she built further continuing the brands his mother began. Phara and her husband now live in Aruba where they use their massive wealth  for philanthropy work  for kids and women in need around the world and doing something she always dreamed traveling and being able to take care of her mother.”

You see, I now understand changing my story and writing my story means I now have a blue print to follow. Things may not go as planned all the time. But you must have a story that changes and evolves as you do. Be open to your new story but also be willing to let it change, that’s when you allow God to take you to things you never dreamed of. Never in my wildest dream did I think I would be hosting a radio show; but I am. It started with a simple yes to God and started listening to the story of my heart and letting it spill out into my outward life. Regrets only occur when we look back at the time we DID NOT step out. So make this year the year you say yes to God regardless of what your bank account looks like, what your friends and family say. God makes provisions to the visions he gives you. We have to be the one stepping out.

You have to be your own cheerleader. Walk the path with God even as it gets narrow. 2016 I expect the set backs to come as they did before but with a new story and an end goal in sight I have reasons to push past them. Reach beyond yourself and limitations. Let go of the history lesson you keep retelling yourself.  2016 is my stepping out and birthing of the things I conceived in 2015.

If you are in the New Jersey area you can catch me Saturday mornings 10:30am to 12 noon on Friendship Radio 97.5 FM or look for Friendship Radio on the app TuneIn Radio to listen to me live.

You can catch The Great Girlfriends by clicking the link :The Great Girlfriends or on most podcast apps.

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Love you for reading



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