Dear America, From : A Praying Mom


Dear America,

The world is watching you America, and laughing. Turn that mighty finger inwards. We all understand this isn’t new…only difference is now social media has allowed the rest of the world to see “America” a nation on the brink of imploding. I’ll keep saying it, don’t tell me about crimes against humanity, and oppression of a people in other nations. The graves in our back yard are massive , don’t send me anything on outreach in poor countries, right now America is very much bankrupt in morals, human rights, government, equality and so much more. 2016, next “elected” president will not fix a thing because they will spend their entire time reversing any progress Obama made whether you like him or not, every policy he has made will be overturned just to further inflict harm on all , but especially African Americans because majority voted because he was black…Point .Blank .Period.  So I suggest you all pay more attention when you vote.

Protest on your knees before God because we have unruly and unjust  governmental systems working against all Americans not just blacks. Protest on your knees before God because that’s our only chance. I don’t live in fear for my baby boy. I’m not teaching him to fight, or fire guns, or put his hands up because he will end up dead. I’m teaching him to fall to his knees and bow his head before God because that’s the only fighting chance he will ever have. I’m so heart broken at the disgrace shown. But I’m also hopeful because God’s Grace is much greater. I implore on all Americans, please pray for our nation. Any nation against God always falls, it’s been proven time and time again.

“When the righteous increase, the people rejoice, But when a wicked man rules, people groan. (New American Standard)

When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn.(KJV)
Proverbs 29:2

God is not dead but we treat Him as if he is. We have turned our backs to Him. We have made sins seem like walks in the park. We do as we want and think there will be no repercussions, there is always a reaction to every action. Time to wake up  the Lion of Judah that is within all of us. Open up your mouths and call on God , please as a mother of a son, I beg you America pray; our children and their children depend on us. Just as we needed those of the Civil Rights era, they need us now for their freedom and future. I am calling on all races because if you think this is just a black and white thing then you have already lost. Read the book of Isaiah if you need a clear picture. I am begging now for the sake of my son and sons all across America. No matter how mean you are with one another there is that one bond we all share, a mother should never bury their young because of ignorance.
I’m sad that my bright boy will always have an edge on his shoulder that is placed on him automatically because of the color of his skin, I am mad that he will always have to prove himself, I am hurt that he will never be allowed to show weakness, I am heart broken because his life is expendable to most. But I am also faithful in the prayers and cries I make to God on his behalf. I pray harder to give him an even playing field because right now society has him in last place. I pray that the day I leave this earth, won’t be after he leaves it. I pray that he will be in a better world than the one he is in now for the sake of my grand children. I pray that his life is one of purpose , I pray that is breath is not cut short because he said hi to a white girl, I pray. I pray. I pray and so should you.

A praying people can save a nation.

A praying mom.


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