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Closet Christians


Christians give Christ a bad rep. We represent him in the worst ways possible; from our judgmental views, our righteous indignations, and our ever hypocritical actions. Gandhi was very much correct in his assessment when he said, “I like your Christ. I do not like your Christians. They are so unlike your Christ.” Gandhi.  Christ was about love and sacrifice. Christian love is very much conditional. Our sacrifices are made not for the betterment of our brethren but for a means to an end of our wants and greed, our love is purely conditional, love me and I will love you, hate me and I will hate you but I will love you Sunday morning in church. And the church, Ahh the church a who’s, who’s of Christian gathering from the fashion showcase, to the trophy wife and the need a man; a good Christian man triathlon search. There is a small percent that live the life they talk about. Those who give selflessly, pray, teach the word and are actually focus on the call that Christ gave the apostles. They are being the church instead of just having church attendance marked off every Sunday or some cases Saturday. Religion is the killer of Christians. Rules and bureaucracy that God never established, using scripture out of context to get you to pour out your pockets. To implore you to seek Gods face while beating on your emotional need to understand your pain. Christ who lived and died for us all wants simply, that we love and teach his word so that he may return to a people without spot and blemish. Other religions are talked down upon because they do not believe in Christ. But I can’t say I blame them when I see such hatred done in the name of religion and God. Banners waving against anything deemed to be indifferent to the social norm. Killings of babes, blacks, Jews, Islam, Buddhist, gay straight, white, purple, green, one leg, one toe, any creed and or breed deem inferior are killed in the name of God.  Yes of God, but I wonder which God they serve? When they raise those banners of self-righteous judge, jury, and executor. Amen, hallelujah followed by false murmuring tongues.

God’s love, his very nature is to forgive, he is Mercy in the morning, covering in the shadows of the night, he that allows you to be amongst your enemies, who sets a table for you, He who allowed the death of his own heart for us. All sin, all indifference died with the death of Christ. But Christians seem to keep putting Christ back on the cross because we have yet to grasp the true meaning of what’s it means to love like God loves. Most people who come to Christ are coming in broken, hurt, battered, and feeling like ” the church” and Christ is their last hope. If a prostitute got saved last Sunday you can’t expect her to come in a suit next Sunday. As her sister in Christ meet her where she is don’t abandon her back to the wreckage she fought to leave to come to Christ. 

I’ve spoken to a lot of people who when I say “yes I attend church and yes I believe in God” automatically lump me up with what they have seen from others. They question my heart, they question my opinions. Why because Christians are still in the closet. Everyone else has come out of the closet to be who they are and what they want the world to know they are. Some how Christians are only Christians in the presence of other Christians. But in the closet from the rest of the world, what sense does that make?


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